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memorial day cards

WHEN IS MEMORIAL DAY : Every American must know the importance of the day like Memorial Day. These are the days which show the glory of the country and courage of the people of the country. This Memorial Day is the example of one of these things. In America there was a time of slavery system before 1961. People were treated like an animal even more then animals. Those works which today we even do not allow animal to do, that time people used to do that, with this you can imagine how bad the situation of poor people was that time and the slavery people without doing any fault.

That was not less than hell. So, when Abraham Lincoln was the president of America people protested and finally they win in 1965. The slavery system ended but the war created a great loss in the life of the army. About 1,50,000 army loses their life. So president declared the day as Memorial Day. So if you want to know when is memorial day then you are at the right place you can get every knowledge about that from here.

You must know When is Memorial Day 2018 because this is the duty of every citizen to know about their country glory and past. So we are here to provide you everything related to the Memorial Day. How to celebrate it and what are the things which we can do on this day. Why is this Memorial Day important for our country. We will give the answer of all these things here.

So you just keep visiting this site to know when is Memorial Day and what other people going to do that and how other are going to make it more memorable. Armies are the pride of nation so we should respect them by celebrating Memorial day every year.