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What Is Memorial Day: The Memorial Day is a celebration of giving tributes to those armies who gave their life during the civil war. The day is very special in America. In the ancient history civil war was fought between 1961-1965. This time was the bloodiest time for America and other parts of the world. In 1961 U.S.A declared confederate state of America. The war broke out on April 1961 when confederate attack US. The confederacy included eleven states but they claim to add two more states.

So the war continued to increase between these two groups. The main reason behind this was that confederacy was not organized by the United States nor they were given any special freedom. So there was anger in the mind of the confederacy. The demand was not fulfilled by the US. This war created death of many American armies.

In order to give respect to those armies who gave their life in the war. President of America declared 29th May 1965 as the date for the celebration of the Memorial Day for American armies. On this day people used to go to the burial place of the army and used to provide flower and light candles. This is the best way to show our love towards those armies who died in the war.

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