Memorial Day Observance, Memorial Day Observance 2018

Happy Memorial Day Observance 2018

Memorial day is also known as Decoration day. This is the official holiday for the Americans which falls on the last Monday of the may month. People from all region of the whole country goes to their graves for making them fully decorate on this day. This day officially announced as the holiday in the year of 1971.
On this day peoples goes to those cemeteries and memorials for showing their greatest honor and gratitude to those real heroes who make sacrifices their lives for the welfare of the country as well as their countrymen. They are the real hero of that time. Americans make observe this day by visiting the memorial , participating in parades.

Red Poppies are officially announced as the symbol of remembrance for those heroes. This is the flower which mainly bloom in the month of May. This flower quite lovely in looks.

Everyone believe that the red color of these poppies are made them remember the blood of those soldiers. Red flowers are widely accepted throughout the Allied Nations as the flower of remembrance. In 1915, Lt Colonel John McCrae "In Flanders Fields", in the memory of those soldiers in which the description of those Scarlet corn poppies (Papaver shoes) are made in throughout the poem. After this red flowers became the epitome for the remembrance. This is also a big reason behind accepting this flower for the embodiment of memory because, at that time where those soldiers died , that field became turned into blood red poppies around the fallen dead soldiers. After that, everyone thought that these areas were irrigated with the blood of those peoples. That’s why these flowers seem red.